Webinars, Teaching and Speaking

Sharing experience and expertise

Education and teaching are at the heart of Mark’s passion. Imparting the accumulated years of knowledge and experience is the way to ensure that skills are improved and best practice continues. Sharing experience broadens and deepens everyone’s knowledge and is fundamental to good communication.

Expert subjects

2022 -2023 Speaking dates

You can catch Mark at any of the following events.

eBay & Small Business Britain Business Roadshow – How to Boost your Online Visibility

SALFORD 26th – 27th May 2022 SOLD OUT

NEWCASTLE – 9th June 2022 SOLD OUT

GLASGOW – 16th June 2022 SOLD OUT

NORWICH – 1st July 2022 SOLD OUT

LEICESTER – 14th July 2022 SOLD OUT

SOUTHEND ON SEA – 8th September 2022 SOLD OUT


Small Business Britain
& Lloyds Bank Academy:
Website Accessibility –
Reach More Customers!

Webinar 13th March 2023, 11am.

1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability that makes using the websites much harder. Websites and their content need to be made more accessible or you are excluding 20% of your potential audience and the £274bn spent in UK disability households. In this webinar, I will provide tips and advice to improve your website for those with disabilities and reach more customers at the same time!

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Small Business Britain Summer School: Effective Ways to Grow Your Sales, including getting your website found on Google

Webinar 17th August 2022 ENDED

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Small Business Britain Summer School: Facebook Live follow up Q&A to Effective Ways to Grow Your Sales 19th August 2022. Join the SBB Facebook group

Small & Mighty Enterprise Mentoring Programme for Small Business Owners. September 2022.

Read the Small & Mighty Course Syllabus (on the SBB website)

January 2023 Programming information coming soon.

Lloyds Bank & Small Business Britain: How the Google changes affect Small Business websites

29th September 2022 – SOLD OUT

Small Business Britain & BT:
How Google ranks your website: What you need to know

18th October 2022 – Registration closed

About the Small Business Britain Webinars

The Magic of Reviews

How to make use and leverage the power of social media, Google and online reviews for your business. Mark & Katherine George from Oh So Social present a complete guide to web & social reviews and how to get started and benefit from them with a light touch.

Live Facebook AMA & Q&A

Mark answers any of your questions live on Facebook everything you want to know about reviews and how to use them.

Stand Out Online with Digital Essentials

A complete guide to making sure your digital essentials are all in place to make sure your online presence is built on good foundations.

How to Boost your Business Online

From Reviews, to Google My Business, to website best practice, blogging and social media – this webinar is ideal for anyone who is responsible for getting a business’s online presence in good shape.

Summer School: Effective Ways to Grow Your Sales, including getting your website found on Google

Working alongside Katherine George oh Oh So Social and Catherine Erdly of Resilient Retail Club this session covers the best way small businesses can grow online sales by a strategic marketing plan, trying new initiatives, honing the website visibility and exploring social media. This is a highly practical and useful session.

Lloyds Bank & Small Business Britain: How the Google changes affect Small Business websites

Google measures a website in terms of how it ranks differently to the way it used to. It’s now about speed, mobile experience and how (and what type) content is placed on a web page that contribute to how well it ranks. In this session Mark will take small businesses through how the changes affect a website’s ranking potential and what you can do to keep up with the changes, improve ranking and how these changes may also affect how Google Analytics should be used.

Changes in how Google ranks Small Business website: What you need to know

Google Analytics (GA) – “it’s data, Jim but not as you know it”
Understanding what the data is telling you and what you need to do. Learn what changes you need to now make to your website, how to rank better on Google and improve your website visitor experience for better conversion.

UK Fashion & Textiles Association

How to Boost your Business Online – 27th April 2022

University of Brighton

How to Boost your Business Online – 2nd March 2022


Do you run a group that would benefit from a webinar? Whether professional business networks, local associations & authorities or universities, a webinar is a low-cost and convenient way to offer training and rich content to your audience.

Mark is a highly experienced presenter and can provide a webinar from 30 minutes to 4 hours for one-off events or provide regular sessions as part of a programme on expert subjects.

Podcasts & Radio

Podcasts are a growing market for organisations to deliver content that makes it convenient for the audience. Mark is the presenter of The Website Owners Playbook podcast and has appeared on other podcasts that include The Local Council Podcast and Small Business Britain among others.

In addition, regular appearances on radio shows, such as Milton Keynes Secklow FM Business Hour & Radio 5 Live with topics to help small businesses with understanding web-related subjects.

Seminars & conferences

Presenting to associations & groups on a wide variety of topics such as website accessibility for councils and best practice website management to search engine promotion is a very popular and can be included in your event. From 30 minutes to 3 hours, the session content can be crafted to suit your audience and event.

Group training & workshops

Often, providing group training on a subject can help the audience engage more – especially when it’s a technical subject. The audience can ask questions and get involved which helps to absorb new knowledge.

Practical workshops on website accessibility, website admin system training and improving online search engine visibility are just some of the training and workshops currently available.

Workshops & training sessions, either in-person or virtual can last from 60 minutes to 3 hours and are fully supported with documentation for the attendees.