Creative Consulting

With over 30 years in the creative sector, Mark has amassed a vast wealth of experience in helping organisations and businesses improve and accelerate their brand and identity through better design and messaging. This is done through consultation and a deep dive into the purpose of a design, the aims and goals and what can be done to achieve the desired outcome.

Art Direction, Design & Brand Consultation

Often an outside and objective view on creative work can be all that’s needed. Sometimes it requires a bit more involvement from the start to ensure the creative direction is right.

With over 30 years of experience running design agencies and creative teams for start up businesses and global brands, Mark is able to bring to bear a wealth of knowledge with guidance to help you with design briefs, branding and web design consultancy.

Website User Experience & Interface Review

A website’s success can be made or broken on good and bad user experience and messaging. The ‘go here for this, go there for that‘ signposting often appear simple but most commonly overlooked. This, as well as bad shopping cart experience with unnecessary barriers and hurdles are reduce the chances of your customers paying for your products or services.

Through the direct involvement with 1000s of websites, Mark can provide practical, actionable review and advice on all forms of websites to improve the user experience and interface that all lead to more sales for you.

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