Communication is everything.

A digital life

With over 30 years in the creative & digital industry, Mark saw the advent of the internet and how it’s impacted on the world of communications. He has devoted his extensive career in gaining and sharing the wealth of his experience to help everyone better communicate in the digital sector, through improved messaging and user experience. He founded Aubergine, web and design agency in 2002 with his wife Bekki which has grown to have both an enviable reputation and resource of skill, knowledge & talent.

Accessibility for all

With the introduction of WCAG (Website Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance for the Public Sector, Mark has been a champion and advocate for all internet and app experiences to meet the needs of those who have disabilities.

With as many as 1 in 5 people in the UK according to UK Government statistics in every community having some form of disability or restriction that prevents them accessing information on a website, improved accessibility across the internet is crucial for everyone, for both Public and Private Sector.

From accessible website development to better use of Plain English language, everyone has a better experience when more thought is given to how you communicate on your website.

Staying creative

With over 30 years in the creative sector, often the same design and communication challenges appear over and over. In most cases, simplicity is always the best solution. However, this can be a fine line to tread and remain creative.

Experience, objectivity and an understanding of making sure the message is imparted with the reader in mind play a vital part in getting a creative message across.

The virtual stage

Education is one of the most important roles of communication and there is nothing more empowering than passing on knowledge, experience and skills to others to improve everyone’s communication. From webinars and podcasts to appearances at events, there’s a wealth of experience that can be shared with your audience.

Councillor life

In his private life, Mark is a parish councillor and plays an active role in his village community. This position requires a balanced view, life experience and open-mindedness. There are highs and lows in always trying to get it right but always new things to be learnt to benefit a community.